Cleaning Stained RV Drapes with Homemade Laundry Soap

I felt that it was a lost cause being so stained, but once again I reached out to the RV Interior Ideas group and a few recommended washing and gave me some hope.

They came out absolutely BEAUTIFUL using my homemade laundry soap (recipe below!)






I’m not going to lie….it was a pretty funky job. I’m not sure what I expected…but I certainly wasn’t expecting THIS! All I did was place them in the bathtub and the water turned brown/black and the whole room STUNK!!! I guess that’s what happens when 20 year old drapes get washed for the first time….


A little patience, homemade laundry soap and elbow grease saved me a few hundred dollars in not having to buy new ones!

The process:

I used a standard laundry scoop…full scoop…3 scoops each wash…2 short soak/rinses and then a 24 hour soak and rinse. Then I dried them on low in the dryer.

A few people have asked for the soap recipe so here it is! I have been using it on our laundry for years! It saves me a bundle and works so much better than the expensive crap you can buy at the store.

Pookie’s Homemade Funk-B-Fresh Laundry Soap


Previously I used essential oils instead of the scented dots and fels naptha instead of Zote. The Zote comes preshredded and well…I’m lazy.

EDIT 10/10/16:  Don’t use Zote and scented dots. My laziness got the best of me and it was NOT as good. I use it for our actual laundry and it just didn’t clean like it normally does. Funky sweaty clothes still had the funk and the scented dots were a joke.  


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