Our First Harvest Hosts Adventure

We wanted to fly by the seat of our pants when we left Maine. Instead, we flew by the seat of Alpacas!

Harvest Hosts is a program where farms, wineries, museums and other attractions come together to offer travelers an overnight stay on their property. There is a yearly fee of $44 to access the list of hosts. It’s pretty simple to use, you look at the map and find a host where you will be, call them 24 hours in advance to confirm they have space and you show up! You’re not required to purchase anything while you’re there, but it is encouraged. For us, we purchased some things for ourselves and some gifts for others.

Each host has their own page on the Harvest Host website that tells you if they are pet friendly, how many RVs they can accommodate and the size they can accommodate as well. It also has special instructions on how/where to park, who to contact, hours of operation and other pertinent information. One of the rules of Harvest Hosts is to always show up during business hours. Of course, if you were showing up after they close what would be the point? Might as well sleep in a Walmart Parking lot!

We were gifted our membership for Christmas last year and did not have an opportunity to use it. When we left Florida, we had a plan and reservations. The one time we tried to use Harvest Hosts, the host could not accommodate us since they had a wedding. We didn’t give up hope and we were determined to use our membership on our way back south. Our first stop did not disappoint!

Type of Harvest Host: Farm
State: Maine
Month: October
Hookups: 15A Electric, generally Hosts do not have hook ups. This host was kind enough to offer us electric
Amount Spent: $40
Cell Signal: Verizon and AT&T were both 3-4 bars and acceptable for working
Pet Friendly:  YES!


Harvest Hosts asks that we do not disclose the exact location and name of the Host. If you want to find out more, you can join Harvest Hosts. Be sure to use our name as your reference!


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