Working on the Road: Month Two – Balancing Work and Play

I’m not just a remote employee, I’m REALLY remote.   I’m becoming more comfortable with slower internet in realizing that it’s not impacting my work as long as the latency is low and the net is flowing. This allows us to be more flexible where we are staying and I have a lot less stress. Now, that I am done with stressing over the internet and I have a new issue…balancing work and play.


I bet your thinking the struggle is in too much play and not enough work, right?  You’d be wrong.

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Working On The Road: First Impressions

It’s been two full weeks since I began working remotely on the road. I have been accustomed to working in a remote culture over the last 6 years, but always had a home base with reliable cable internet. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. Is my internet going to be reliable? Will I be able to focus? What would my co-workers or clients think if they knew I was homeless?

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